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        1. At American Materials Company, our policy is to deliver products within the agreed upon lead time established when the order is placed. We pride ourselves on quick response time and expediting orders without delay to meet our customer’s demands. This commitment offers our customers a competitive edge and enables projects to meet schedule requirements.

          Aggregate Products

          Mortar Sand
          Asphalt Sand
          Concrete Sand
          Ballpark clay

          NC2S White Sand
          Sand/Clay Fill
          Fill Sand

          Golf Course Sand
          Filter Bed Sand
          Pea Gravel

          3/4″ Gravel
          Unscreened Topsoil
          Screened Topsoil

          Other Products

          Riprap A and B
          78M granite

          57 granite

          78M Limestone
          57 Limestone


          Recycled Concrete Base

          *For special product needs not listed above, please?CONTACT?for quotes

          Asphalt Sand

          Asphalt is a coarse washed sand used in the production of Asphalt Mixes.

          Concrete Sand

          For use in concrete.

          Mortar Sand

          For use in masonry, playgrounds, outdoor sport areas, and utility applications.

          Golf Course Sand

          Root Zone – Filler layer used in turfsGA45- Used with Bent grassGA65- Used with Bermuda grassTop Dressing- Fills voids and divots in bunkers.

          Fill Sand

          Filling voids, holes, leveling, and use in grading materials as well as athletic ball fields.

          Ready Mixed Concrete (Sumter)

          River Rock

          Used for rock landscaping.

          78M Granite

          78M Granite.

          57 Granite

          57 Granite