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        1. Our goal here at AMC is to provide our customers with unparalleled service, by providing quality products and efficient delivery. We are here to ensure that you are treated with the outmost respect, honesty, courtesy, and dependability. Take a look at some of our hauling and trucking, crushing, and recycling services below.

          Aggregates Hauling and Trucking Services

          AMC is a for-hire company and services North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We offer competitive prices and will quote all jobs needing dump trailer services. The company focus is to provide quality and safe equipment, reliable, and excellent hauling services to our customers. We are constantly evaluating our fleet and when necessary, AMC is investing in the newest equipment available.

          Tractor Trailers

          For plant stockpiling and long hauls.

          Quads and Tri-axels

          Dump trucks for project work and dumping in tight areas.

          Recycling and Crushing Services

          Our recycling division services Sumter, South Carolina, crushing concrete, asphalt, rock, and certain other construction waste. The material we crush is useless in its current form, and through the recycling process it’s turned into a reusable material.

          If you need our services or have questions, please?CONTACT?us today